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Stop in our store at 2655 S. 70th Street in Lincoln, NE from during regular business hours to receive two 2015-16 Lincoln Pogo Cards for $25! Offer also available online. The 2015-16 Pogo Card comes with the 2015-16 Lincoln City Golf Card and features over 230 offers from local businesses, restaurants, and golf courses. Questions? Call us at (402) 730-7646.

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What is a Pogo Card?

The Pogo Card is a discount card featuring offers from 231 restaurants, businesses, and golf courses in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Pogo is an acronym for Purchase One, Get One. Visit the About Us page of our website to learn more about what a Pogo Card is, how to use it, the current Pogo Card staff, and the history behind the card.

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Recently Purchase a Pogo Card?

The Lincoln City Golf Courses recently joined the Pogo Card program with a special insert offer. If you purchased a 2015-16 Pogo Card be fore June 5th, 2015, stop in our store during regular business hours to pick up a free copy of the Lincoln City Golf Card. Questions? Call us at (402) 730-7646 or email info@pogocard.com.

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